Indoor Golf

at Bobby V's Windsor Locks
Bobby V's Restaurant Golf Simulator
Guests enjoying the golf simulator
Practicing his golf swing
Golf simulator lounge area
Playing a round on our golf sim
Having fun at our indoor golf sim

Stay at the top of your game all year round with our state-of-the-art golf simulator.  


Choose from a variety of exciting courses while enjoying delicious menu options and a frosty beverage.


$35 per hour - Includes play for up to 4 people & our adjacent sports lounge space.

Call 860-627-5808 to check availability & reserve a tee time.

A manager will be able to take you through the golf simulator games & settings.

BV’s Golf Simulator Rules & Restrictions:

Guests who use this attraction so sat their own risk.  Guest assume any and all risks of using this attraction.

The following persons may NOT use this attraction:

  • Children under 18 years of age

  • Women who are pregnant

  • Guests who have heart conditions

  • Guests who have vision problems

  • Guests who have neck or back problems

  • Guests whose health or physical condition could be affected by this attraction


BVs Golf Simulator Rules

  • Golf Simulator liability waiver must be signed by all guests before entering the simulator area

  • Only one (1) guest is allowed in the simulator at a time

  • Proper shoes must be worn at all times. (high heels, open toed shoes, or sandals NOT permitted)

  • Lob wedges are NOT permitted for use in the golf simulator.

  • Guests are required to bring their own clubs and/or driver. BV’s no longer provides clubs for use.

  • Be alert at all times

  • If the simulator or any equipment is not functioning correctly, immediately notify the Manager

  • Guests should immediately report all injuries to the Manager.  A written injury report may be completed

  • Any misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Manager will be cause for dismissal from the Facility with no refunds